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Voted Best UK B2B Database Supplier & E-shot Broadcaster for 2011, 2012, & 2013

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Elite B2B Appointment Setting, B2B Telemarketing & Lead Generation in London, England

Why use Appointment Setter?

My success rate: see the testimonials from previous and on-going clients along with the case studies on the campaigns page for evidence of my excellent conversion rates.

Personal service: As I work alone, you are guaranteed to recieve consistent high quality B2B telemarketing not some 18 year old kid with spiky hair ruining your companies reputation!

Proven cross-industry results: I have on-going committed clients from a wide range of business sectors proving my ability to transfer my skills successfully.

Focus on quality: The range of repeat and on-going clients along with their comments on the amount of new business they have got proves my ability to provide high-quality conversions.

Experience: I am one of the most experienced people in the world in B2B direct marketing, having spent over 20 years talking to all kinds of businesses across the globe.

Confidentiality: I practise complete privacy of information and data protection for all my clients - I am a Member of the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing which demands this.

Flexibility: Modern business is highly unpredictable, with ever-changing needs. I am there to help your business as and when you need me to.

Speed of reaction: With my experience, industry links and infrastructure already in place I am able to react faster than anyone else in the business.

Strategic Partner: Voted Best UK B2B Database supplier & E-shot broadcaster - Marketscan
For B2B appointments in London call Appointment Setter
I consider myself to be the best B2B appointment setter in the UK. Please telephone:
0207 754 5477
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B2B Appointments

Take advantage of quality B2B expertise to drive your business forward. Speak to me today about my B2B appointment setting and all of the various benefits that it offers you and your business.

Lead Generation

I can also provide sales leads rather than B2B appointments if you so require. This door opening skill enables you to allow the follow up call to be from your in house team.

Event Attendance

I specialise in putting bums on seats for any business event. View my testimonial page to discover the clients and campaigns that I’ve worked on previously.


See your business grow with quality appointment setting from me. With more than 25 years of experience, I adapt to any industry with ease, and guarantee setting up high quality appointments for your business.

My results speak for themselves, after an initial ten day pilot campaign 95% come back for a 12-month rolling contract.

For premium B2B appointment setting, B2B telemarketing and lead generation needs contact me in London, England.